More than 20 years

leading the sale and purchase of boats in Mallorca

We are a family company, close and human.

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That is why we personally accompany you in each of the steps you need to take to enjoy your great passion: the sea.

“Since I was a little boy, my father introduced me to the world of sailing. And in a very short time it became my great passion.”

Toni Bisquerra Massanet


Yateocasión was founded in 2002 to advise yachting enthusiasts in the purchase and sale of leisure boats and moorings.

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After a long professional career as a salesman in the automotive and insurance world, Toni Bisquera decided to help other sea lovers who want to enjoy the freedom, pleasure and happiness that sailing brings.

Yateocasión’s goal is to make all the steps involved in buying or selling a boat easy and simple, to avoid any unnecessary problems, worries or setbacks.


Meet the Yateocasión team

Toni Bisquera


Boats? Motorcycles? Cars? Tony takes anything that smells like gasoline.

He loves to be a yacht skipper, so deliveries that require deep-sea sailing are made by him.

The "all-rounder" of the company.

He is in charge of the boat preparation (he prepares the deliveries with great care) and the after-sales service. It also performs pattern making services throughout the Balearic Islands. He is jovial and attentive like no other, and is always in a good mood.

Juan Vives

Service & Maintenance

Maria de Vargas

Admin -Palma Office

The head of administration.

Anyone who sells their boat with us goes through their expert hands. She is in charge of preparing contracts, bookkeeping and answering the phone (her English is brilliant).

Always by your side

Why can you count on our help?

Because we are there for you when you need us: we will be there for you whenever you need us if we are awake.

Because we only work with quality boats, that's why our most demanding customers come back again and again.

Because we advise you step by step to get what you are looking for (we will only be satisfied when you are too).

Because we know like no one else the associated taxes, formalities and potential costs that you must take into account in your particular case.